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Introduction to Spare Parts OpenCart Theme 1.5x

With the ever-increasing rise of internet technology and internet marketing trend today every business is trying to shift its offline sales and marketing operation to an online platform.

And one of those markets is the automobile, automotive, and spare parts trading and manufacturing concerns of today.

Keeping in mind the needs for an effective theme for the spare parts dealers and manufacturers we at TMD has come up with this modern theme.

The modern spare part theme is built upon OpenCart technology and you will find it super and amazingly easy to build a store for your automotive and spare parts business.

So undoubtedly you can purchase this theme for creating your spare parts and automotive product store online.

We have already included several module integrations with this theme and it is actually a complete e-commerce online store.

The theme allows you to sell and market your product and store online and collect orders online.

So you can scale your business anytime by implementing this theme for your business and this is definitely going to be profitable for your business. 

Who should use this theme?

This theme is good for various trading and manufacturing concerns, however, it is best for trading.

Online selling is currently been in the trend in recent years.

Hence trading concerns who have never used the benefits of selling spare parts online can use this theme to extend their business.

As the name implies i.e Spare Parts this theme is essentially built for all retail trading and business owners in the automotive spare parts trading can make perfect use of this theme.

This theme is also effective for selling an unlimited number of spare parts and accessories and other items that belong to the automobile industry.

Therefore any business owner who wants to implement a website for retail can exactly fit this theme in their category.

Latest Release and Updates of the theme

This template is made perfect for online spares parts dealers and store owners for a profitable business.

Effective colors, bold fonts, and interactive elements make this theme great for visitors who land at your store.

Built on a white light color theme for best view and display of metal items such as auto parts and cycle parts. Much attention is paid to navigation. It is possible to search by brand, bestsellers, and product categories.

The main menu is applied with several links such as home, wishlist, effects, my account, shopping cart, checkout, multi-currency, login and signup options, and add to cart button. It also has a home page button on the menu bar to make it more attractive and easy navigation to a home page.

The home page provides an elegant view of the exquisite designs and graphics area on the screen for adding effective banners to advertise sales. Show special items and related products on the carousel along with zooming effects on featured products. 

User Friendly and Page Navigation and options to Search by brand, bestsellers, and product categories.

What is Included with this theme?

1. Responsive Ready-Made Theme

This theme is totally responsive and looks good on all devices. Hence it doesn't matter if you have an app for your store or you don't have it.
You can make use of this theme as an app and perfectly works on all browser

2. Easy Customization

This theme is made for easy customization through the dynamic interface.

As an admin, you add more pages and change text banners and every content on your page.

So this theme can be used for easy implementation of your online store

3. Awesome Font + CSS3 + Bootstrap

This theme includes the most decent font for a good reading experience

It also includes CSS for easy customization of font and text to make it look and feel better.

The theme also uses bootstrap technology, so any ideal programmer can use bootstrap to change the architecture of this theme and scale business purpose

4. Support Multi-Language and Multi-Store

Multi-currency and multi-language allow you to use this theme for global languages and currency.

This is especially important when you are trying to marketing your product in a different country and other parts of the world

5. Documentation presented for Theme Setup

You will also receive full documentation with this theme while purchasing the theme. The documentation will allow you to implement the theme easily and launch your online store much earlier.

Documentation is presently neatly so any user is able to understand how to set up your store properly.

So you can manage your store set up with a simple, and easy installation process

6. Free Support

After you buy this theme, TMD will freely provide support on a yearly.
So you can just sit back and enjoy while we set up your store and make it live for you.
We also provide free support during the year if you come across any technical difficulties to resolve any kind of errors you come across

7. MyAccount & Wishlist 

Like every eCommerce store, this theme has options to create a user account through signup.

Login into his or her account and place orders from their respective account.

View orders and write reviews for the products that are sold.

8. Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software that allows visitors to your site to select items for eventual purchase. This allows online shopping customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase.

This theme allows you to make use of it inbuilt shopping cart and place orders quickly

9. Easy Checkout

Easy Checkout allows customers on your store to conveniently process purchases in your store.

10. Special Categories page elements.

The theme comes with special category page elements as Sidebar embedded for easy navigation.

This allows you to show product categories on the sidebar and also show Banners for sales discounts

It also provides two types of items display views for all products listed in the store with the ability to sort items in a variety of ways such as

  • Name Wise
  • Price Wise 
  • Rating Wise
  • Model Wise 

and limit the display of products per page up to a value of 100 products per page or less.

The items also show special effects on the front end with the view and buy now buttons.

11. The Product Page Elements

The product page in this theme is filled with all the crucial elements of selling products from your store.

This includes displaying the rate of the product, show reviews tab, social share buttons, add to cart element add to wishlist element and display multiple images of a product.


If you have any suggestions or pre-sale questions, looking for support. Please create a ticket. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.

Documentation is present in theme folder
please upload "upload" folder in your root setting all related module also present

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