Jewellery Shop Opencart Theme

Jewellery Shop Opencart Theme

Jewellery Shop Opencart Theme

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Overview Of Jewellery Opencart Theme

The OpenCart Jewellery theme is developed to enhance the glamour and refinement of your OpenCart Jewellery store. This theme comes with the most engaging and responsive design to show all your jewellery or cosmetic collection without getting bored or tired.

The colour combination for your jewellery website templates makes sure to increase attention and tell the story behind each piece of jewellery.

Design your store with our Jewellery OpenCart Theme without coding and web development knowledge. Install our theme, and instantly give your store a unique and versatile look.

We take care of your luxury products and give you the best themes and customization options for this.

The Theme For Jewellery Products Only

OpenCart Jewellery Theme is mainly designed for your Jewellery store only. Every element has been developed to give the look and feel of a world-class jewellery store.

We design each of your jewellery with its deserving style and colour combination. Our developer team recognizes your potential customers and has developed this theme accordingly.

Create Beautiful Menu With Mega Menu

Incorporate all your products and web pages into mega menus with relevant images and icons. Your customers can easily find all your collections and product listings effortlessly through our highly optimized mega menus.

You can organize all your jewellery products at your convenience with our extensive mega menu. It allows your customers to navigate all your store products and pages in just a pinch.

Write Important Information And Show Social Links Using Mega Footer

This OpenCart Jewellery Theme consists of the best mega footer which allows you to use animation, template, graphics, etc, at your store footer.

We make your footer impressive and helpful to your customers. Integrate Images, logos, links, forms, contact details, and many more in your mega footer.

The website footer will no longer be boring and unuseful with our jewellery website templates.

Take and Show Customer Testimonial On The Website

We have built a Separate section for your customer's testimonials. You can ask for customers' reviews and add them to the testimonials section on your website. These testimonials establish trust with your potential customers or buyers.

You can add the best customer reviews and ratings for your various products in this section. Your new customers read these testimonials and get an idea of ​​what you have to offer with your products.

Integrated Ajax Filter

Ajax Filter is the most useful technology to develop the best user experience in this segment. Your customers can filter all your products without having to refresh them every time.

Ajax Filter makes your filter more smooth and more uninterrupted. It shows filtered results in no time.

As soon as your customers click on the filter button, our Jewellery OpenCart Theme will show the result without refreshing.

 Product Quick Information In Popup

A popup will open containing important information about the product that can be adjustable by the admin. Decide which information require to show on quick view and which to hide. Thus, customers will get the product information without navigating to the product page.

It will decrease customer time by retaining on the product list page and getting all the information about the product. Admin can enable and disable this function from setting.

Send Newsletter To Your Customers

We have added a Newsletter module to our OpenCart Jewelry theme. The newsletter module allows you to keep your subscribers informed with all the latest and necessary releases and company news.

Through this module, you can inform your customers about every offer, discount, and benefit. This jewellery website template connects your customers to your store and reaches more and more customers.

Compatible With The OpenCart Version

No version of OpenCart will hinder you from using this theme. This theme is designed by our developers in such a way that it works smoothly with almost every OpenCart version. You can check all our OpenCart Version compatibility above.

Features Of OpenCart Jewellery Theme

  • Developed with the Latest technology like HTML5 and CSS3
  • Most Smooth and responsive user experience with OpenCart Jewellery Theme
  • Optimized for Search engine (SEO) to rank higher on search engine
  • Supports multiple languages to enhance customers' usability
  • Easily customizable and compatible with every browser
  • Ajax filter allows you to filter without refreshing the page


Highly Optimized for smooth response and search engine

The OpenCart Jewellery Theme is fully optimized for responsive use and Search engine.

Great support services

We offer you a maximum support service with our theme. You can raise a ticket for your theme technical error.

Easy installable

Our Jewellery OpenCart Theme is extremely easy to install and corporate. You can customize and edit it at your convenience.

All major browsers are friendly

This theme is supported for every browser. Your customers can use your store in any browser without any interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

? Why do I need an OpenCart Jewellery Theme for my jewellery store?

This OpenCart jewellery website template is specially designed for your jewellery store. Therefore, it includes all the tools and elements you might need for your store. We have developed this theme with all the latest technology and architectural methods, so it is not behind in any way in terms of performance, design, and features.

? How can a mega menu and mega footer help me to establish an attractive store?

Mega menus and footers increase both the design and performance of your website or store manifold as compared to ordinary menus and footers. Through the mega menu, you can easily combine all your products and pages in one menu. In the mega footer, apart from links and texts, you can easily combine images, logos, maps, forms, etc.

? What is the Ajax filter and how does it improve my store user experience?

The ajax filter is a new but very useful and powerful tool, through this module, you can give the option of an advanced filter on your store and the biggest feature is that this filtration does not have to be refreshed again and again. On clicking your filter, it immediately shows the result without refreshing the page.

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