OpenCart App for Company

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Supported OC Versions
VQMOD Required No

License details

License type Commercial
Support yes
Update yes
Manage Text From Admin
You can manage app text from the website admin panel. It will reflect when the customer opens the app next time.

Color Changer
Want to change the color of the app and give your app branding as your website has. Do not worry, You can do with right from your admin panel.

Creative Design
Our Designer followed modern but creative design. App has an attractive design with simple navigation. Made for Mobile and Tablet with all screen.

The app is 100% native. Written in java and xml. Used Secure Rest Api to show products and data. Compatible with all types of mobiles and Tablets.

All Shipping Method Supports
App support All types of shipping methods available on OpenCart Website. The app will only show that Shipping method which is enabled on your webs

Simple and Effective Design
The app provides easy navigation and simple but attractive design. App has the same process as OpenCart Website contains. Your Customer will feel like they are accessing your website.

Quick Checkout
We know the value of time. That's why to introduce quick checkout. Few clicks and information required for the process of the checkout.

Push Notification
Push notification is well known to engage your customers. And make increase your profit. According to one survey, Push notification to give boost sales of Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and others by 70%. You can send messages to customers. Moreover, you can send messages and messages to have the option to link to the product.

A Complete solution OpenCart
We try to give your all possible feature into the app which is already present in the website. We followed the Website while creating an app. The app has all Features and pages like WishList, Return List, Product Return, Quick Checkout, Moreover we also added a category list, product list in ListView and GridView, and product page. Information pages also included.

Compatible with all Android devices
We know every customer is important to run a healthy business. That's why we make an app to run on all Android devices. The app will run smoothly no matter what Android device is using.

Checking Updated Version
We focused on every aspect of mobile app development. Whenever an updated version of the app available on the play store. APP will notify your customer there is a newer version is available. Please update your app. When customers will open the app they will see the updated version app where the user will see a description of the updated version.

Get Updated Version 
No, you won't get the updated version of App. Need to buy again the updated version. Only applicable to Enterprise Version of App 

1 Month Free Support 
You won't get free Support for 1 month. Only applicable to Enterprise Version of App 

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