Multivendor Purchase Order
  • Tmd Multivendor Purchase Order allows you to easily coordinate your purchase orders with your supplier through your administration panel. Skip the hassle of manually submitting your purchase orders to your supplier.

    This system is essential for opencart eCommerce store that has multiple suppliers and manages large or small inventory.

    This extension simplifies the Purchase Order creation and management process in a logical and methodical fashion. 

    The most useful feature of this extension is  The one-click PO generation makes the life easy and also let you create purchase orders manually by picking suppliers and products yourself.

Installation of Multivendor Purchase Order Module 3.x.x

    • Step 1: Zip Extract
      Step 2: One Folder
      Step 3:
      Upload these folder by ftp correct location for example (admin to admin, catalog to catalog, system to system) (no core file effect)

      Step 4:
      Go To Admin Panel > Extensions > Modifications > Click On Blue Refresh Button

      Step 5:
      Go To Admin Panel > Extensions > Extensions > Select Modules > Click On Tmd TMD Multivendor Purchase Order Install Button
      Step 6:
      Go To Admin Panel > System > Users > User Groups > Click Select All and Click Right side Save Button

      Step 7: Purchase Order Menus

      Step 8: SUPPLIER Menu > Click On Add New Button
      Add SUPPLIER name With Vendor and Save It
      SUPPLIER List
      Step 9: SUPPLIER TO LINK PRODUCT Menu > Click On Add New Button
      Select Supplier Name , Select product and Save It

      Step 10: SUPPLIER Status Menu > Click On Add New Button
      Add Status and Save It
      SUPPLIER Status List
      Step 11: Payment Method Menu > Click On Add New Button
      Add Payment Method and Save It

      Payment Method List

      Step 12: Supplier Payment Terms Menu > Click On Add New Button

      Add Supplier Payment Terms and Save It

      Supplier Payment Terms List

      Step 13: Supplier Account Menu > Click On Add New Button
      Add Supplier Account and Save It
      Supplier Account List
      Step 14: PURCHASE ORDER Menu > Click On Add New Button
      Select Search Supplier
      After Select Supplier Details
      Select Product
      Select Payment Terms, add Shipping Cost and then save it
      After save Click on view Button
      View Page
      Click Make Payment Button > Add Deposit Amount and Click Do payment
      Payment Detail
      Click Send Button

      Click Invoice Send Mail

      Click Print Invoice Button

      Click Print Text
      Print Invoice Page
      Click PDF Dawonload Text

      Click Change Status

      Step 15: Login Vendor Account


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