Special offer category

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Supported OC Versions , , , ,
VQMOD Required No

License details

License type Single Domain
Support Yes
Update Yes

Thanks you for buy this module before use this module must take backup of your store
any issue please contact us at support@opencartextensions.in

Special offer category module give you option to add date range in category section where you can setup your sepcial offer date. its will show in module section so you can enable any postion

Special offer category

No core file changes
1. copy all file in your root folder
2. Does not overwrite any master files


* Can configure to multiple locations
* Easy Installation
* Fast Loading and Sleek
* Attractive look
* Its made fully Dynamic like:- user can show images large and small size
* Free Support
* No Core File Changes.



1. upload all file in your root
2. change databse perifx in sql file
3. then install sql file in your databse
4. After copying all the files related to module Go to Admin Panel then Go to System->Users->Users Groups select edit option of Top Administration select files in Access Permission which you are copy as well as in Modify Permission.

5. Go to Extension Installer option in menu
6. Upload .ocmod files.
7. Go to Modifications menu
8. Here you see your file name
9. refresh page from refresh button that present on top
10. Go System-> extension-> module-> Boutique Campaigns->install.
11. here different option fill all fields & add Categories and choose options as per need Save it.
12. System->Design->Layout from here add layout where you want to show


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