OpenCart Payment Fee

OpenCart Payment Fee OpenCart Payment Fee OpenCart Payment Fee

OpenCart Payment Fee

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Payment Fee Module

This extension helps store owners to maximize revenue and offset transaction costs. It enables the ecommerce website to pass the payment transaction fee to customers, ensuring your profit margins remain intact.

Online payment gateways often charging a fee for each transaction, this module can be the difference between maintaining a profit and incurring a loss on sales. Admin can set the transactional fee to the payment gateway. This fee will be displayed along with other payment information on the final step of the checkout page.

This module is compatible with multi-language, working with various OpenCart versions, and supporting most themes.

Apply Payment Fee On One or All Payment Gateways

With the Payment Fee extension for OpenCart, the admin gains full control over payment processing fees. in the setting, you will see all the active payment gateways. You can set the payment fee to one or all payment gateways.

You can opt to apply a fixed or percentage-based fee to the customer's order total or sub-total, ensuring transparency and fairness in payment handling. The module dynamically calculates the fee based on the chosen payment gateway at checkout, updating the order's final total in real-time.

If the admin does not set the transactional fee for the payment gateway, the payment fee will not be calculated on the checkout page.

transactional payment fee setting for enabled payment gateways in opencart module

Seamless User Experience with Checkout Integration

This module automatically integrates with the checkout page of OpenCart. It will check the customer selected payment gateway and after that look into the payment fee setting. If the admin has set the processing fee for that payment gateway then, the module will calculate the charges according to the setting and display it on the checkout and updating the total payment. It happens in a fraction of a second and in real-time.

With adjustable sort order settings for the display of payment fees in the order summary. This flexibility ensures a frictionless checkout process, enhancing the customer's shopping experience.

transaction fee display on the checkout final step along with sub total and total payment info

Support All OpenCart Theme

Designed with versatility in mind, the payment processing transactional fee extension is compatible with a wide range of OpenCart themes. Whether it's the popular Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, or Sellya themes, or a bespoke theme unique to your brand, this module is ready to integrate without additional hassle, thanks to its use of VQMOD and OCMOD.

It uses the theme's color, size, style and other CSS to display the payment fee information by maintaining consistency and branding. It will become part of the website.

Multi-language support for Global E-commerce

Recognizing the global nature of e-commerce, TMD has developed this module to support multiple languages. All the enabled languages will be displayed along with their country flag. Admin can enter the text in a respective language.

Your customer will always see the payment transactional charges information in their selected language. This way you can offer a tailored and accessible shopping experience for a diverse customer base.

Comprehensive Support for OpenCart Versions

This OpenCart payment processing fee extension seamlessly works across OpenCart versions 2x, 3x and 4x. It also works with the latest version. It supports leveraging OCMOD for installations, so the integrity of your core files remains intact. You can also use this extension on the cloud-based setup.


Explore the module's capabilities through our demo, and for any inquiries or assistance, our support team is ready to help. From pre-sale questions to post-installation support, create a support ticket, and we'll ensure your OpenCart Payment Fee Module enhances your e-commerce operations effectively.

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