Electronic Transfer Payment Gateway (2.x.x & 3.x.x)

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Overview of Electronic Transfer Payment Gateway

is the one-stop solution for your online business payment. It is designed for your digital business growth. OpenCart electronic payment extension is the remedy for all your debit/credit card, bank transfer, and various payments.

Your customers will be able to make payments from their bank account, debit/credit card, etc. and you will be able to accept them easily.

We ensure to provide the most secure, safe, and easy-to-use electronic payment gateway using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Hypertext Transfer Protocol, PCI DSS, etc.

Security With Technology

Security is our major concern while developing any OpenCart electronic transfer payment module. We use the most advanced and latest technology to build trust and secure networks for your payment.

Collect Details For Future Reference

It collects and saves the payment details of your customers so that next time they do not have to give all the details again.

Your customer will also be able to see all their payment details and information.

You Directly Collect Payments

Instead of any payment processor and person, you transfer your payment directly from the customer's account to your account.

Our Opencart electronic payment extension works just like a bridge, through which your customers release the payment and you accept them.

Secure Connection Over SSL

The main function of SSL is to protect and secure the payment by hackers at the time of payment transactions. SSL does its work by Encrypting all the transaction details.

With this, your payment details become fully encrypted, which no one can read or modify. Hence, your customers rely on your payment transaction and further would like to purchase more from you.


Secure Technology

  • SSL Security layer
  • PCI DSS compatible
  • Completely Encrypted Payment
  • Easy integration

Payment element

  • Credit/Debit card payment
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Instant payment approval
  • No payment stuck, no Late

OpenCart Version Adaptability

This OpenCart electronic payment extension will support all your older and latest versions of OpenCart. We ensure smooth connectivity and reliability with our payment extension.

Mainly the version starting from to are the best OpenCart Version which is completely tasted and most adaptable for this OpenCart electronic payment extension

Support with themes

With this electronic payment gateway of ours, you will not face any problems related to integration. It doesn't matter which theme you use, whether it is simple or sophisticated, our OpenCart electronic transfer payment module works the same with every theme.

Frequently Asked Question

? What is the payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and how it helps to secure my OpenCart electronic payment extension?

PCI DSS is a set of rules to secure all transactions on the internet. It is intended to provide trusted and reliable payment options to customers. All companies and banks accept the PCI DSS rules to offer secure payment. We also use the PCI DSS protocols to serve you with more reliable and protected payment transactions.

? How OpenCart electronic transfer payment module help me to grow my business?

You can think of this payment gateway as a strong and durable bridge, which bridges the payment gap between you and your customers. You can use it as a primary payment module in your online business or else it can also be used as a secondary payment extension. This payment gateway ensures that you get the maximum safe, secure, or fast payment option. In addition, your customers do not run away because of the payment problem.

? Can I customize my payment logo, title

Yes, of course, you can easily customize your every payment. In this, you can give the title of payment, add your custom logo.

For Any Query Feel Free To Contact Us:

Our all customers are happy with us because we provide the best free support. For any questions, suggestion feel free to contact us at. Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

1. copy all file in your root folder
2. Does not overwrite any master files
3. Easy Installation
4. Does not overwrite any master files
5. Install the extension in the OpenCart admin panel Extensions -> Payment
6. Ensure the module is enabled. To avoid common problems:

Any questions suggestions are most welcome. Please create a ticket, We will back to you as soon as possible

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