Durango Payment Gateway (2.x.x & 3.x.x)

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Overview of Durango Payment Gateway

Start using our OpenCart Durango payment extension today and allow customers to experience a feature-rich safe and secure payment gateway. We have to use api Durango payment to create our Durango module for OpenCart especially to solve all your credit card processing problems with highly secured and safe payment networks.

Security metrics such as SSL, API, HTTPS, etc, help us to strengthen security. On the other hand technologies such as tokenization, machine learning, etc, allow us to build a great UI/UX for you.

Start Accepting Recurring Payment

You can easily establish a hassle-free recurring payment module in your business with our Durango payment gateway. it saves the data of your customers for the very first time.

Get The Virtual Terminal For Your Business

Our OpenCart Durango module comes with a virtual terminal option. Virtual Terminal allows your customers to pay from any computer or device. You just need to connect to a stable network connection and your payment will be processed securely.

Our virtual terminal makes your various payment tasks like verification, reporting, processing, etc. easily completed from any device.

Watchdog Fraud Management For Secure Payment

To make your payment fraud-free, It has added a watchdog fraud management feature in the Durango payment solution. It verifies your every payment closely and notifies you immediately if there is any kind of fraud.

So now say goodbye to fraud on your business and create a genuine customer base for your online business.


JSON API will enhance your payment module with more comfort and ease. It makes credit card process easier through its fast HTTP requests.

In addition, the JSON API also optimizes the features of your checkout page as it comes with options like sorting and pagination.


Secure Technology

  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Tokenization
  • Faster payment to avoid payment cancellation

Payment element

  • Payment title, logo customization
  • Easy installations
  • Credit card easy processing

Secure Connection Over SSL

Compatible with the OpenCart version

This OpenCart Durango payment gateway run with every OpenCart version. However, in some latest OpenCart, we don't allow this gateway due to unstable performance. Search your OpenCart version form below which supports this payment gateway

From the older version to the 3x version of OpenCart, this payment gateway module will work seamlessly.

Support All OpenCart Themes

Our OpenCart Durango payment extension runs with every open art Theme whether you use the most complex OpenCart website or simple themes, Our payment gateway works at the same speed.

Reduce Payment Processing Time

Our OpenCart Durango payment extension greatly reduces your payment processing time. As a result, your customers are able to connect with your business and enjoy hassle-free payment services.

Security At The Top

OpenCart Durango payment gateway comes with various security resources to secure your payment like SSL certification, PCI DSS, HTTPS, etc. which makes your payment fully encrypted and secure.

Frequently Asked Question

? Will Durango Payment Gateway 2. x work with OpenCart vision 2 or 3?

Yes, it works will all the previous and latest OpenCart Versions (except some latest 4.0 versions). You can install this OpenCart Durango module in your business to start accepting payments from credit cards easily

? How can I rely on this payment gateway?

We have used the smartest and latest technologies to develop this OpenCart Durango payment extension for your business. Security metrics such as SSL, HTTPS, PCI DSS, and different APIs make your payment module strong. So, yes You can rely on our this payment gateway easily.

? Why do I need this payment gateway for my online e-commerce business?

The OpenCart Durango module is designed for online businesses that are looking for a secure and fast credit card payment solution. You can establish a robust payment module on your website using our Durango payment gateway.

For Any Query Feel Free To Contact Us:

Our all customers are happy with us because we provide the best free support. For any questions, suggestion feel free to contact us at. Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

1. copy all file in your root folder
2. Does not overwrite any master files
3. Easy Installation
4. Does not overwrite any master files
5. Install the extension in the OpenCart admin panel Extensions -> Payment
6. Ensure the module is enabled. To avoid common problems:

Any question suggestion is most welcome. If you have any kind of question, suggestion or looking for support. Please create a ticket. 

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