ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFO FIELDS(1.5.x , 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)

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Supported OC Versions , , , , , 1.5.6 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
VQMOD Required YES

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TMD OpenCart Additional Product Info Fields Module

It can assist you in displaying important information beneath the product price. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, and other online marketplace websites are examples of this.

Admin can display as much information about the product as they like. The module just functions as an option. Along with the content, the website also displays symbols or graphics. It will assist the website in adding more trustworthy product sites, and users will be more inclined to purchase a product after they have seen the necessary product details.

Add Unlimited Product Information Fields From Admin

Add as many product information fields as you want. Admin can build a lot of product supplementary information in a few minutes from Admin. TMD created this module in the same way as the option for admin convenience. Admins must add an option in the options tab, then choose an option in the options tab and set a value on the product page.

The same is true for this extension. Admins may add as many additional product fields as they like and assign the same field to numerous items. This is where admin may spend their important time improving or promoting the product.

A display picture with text is available as an option. The administrator can allow or deactivate pictures for each field value. Additional field data will be shown in the same way. The product page can contain as many mandatory fields as it wants. It will display flawlessly without interfering with the design.

  • Add unlimited additional information
  • Show image or icon with text
  • Easy and simple to use admin interface
  • Multi-language compatible
  •   Show information vertically 
  • Works great in Journal and other themes

list of extra fields that could attach to product in OpenCart

Create Extra Fields That Count Attach To All Products

On the extra fields page, Admin can see the list of previously created extra fields. It is easy to create in multi-language. There is an option to search the field using the search bar present at the top of the page. 

The administrator has complete control over all data. While creating the product, a new tab named "Extra Fields" will be utilized to enter more information. Admin can upload the image in the extra field, and write the value for it.  These things will automatically appear on the product page 

assigning extra fields to product in admin

Multi-language Compatible Additional Product Info Fields in OpenCart

Multi-language compatibility is guaranteed with this module. The extension allows the admin to enter text in several language tabs when more than one language is used on the website. It will enable the admin to enter data in several language tabs.

Your consumer will see and read content in the specified language on the front end.

The website's primary language is sometimes a language other than English. The module is still functional. It will display a language flag and allow you to submit data in that language.

Work Perfectly With All Themes

Many well-known themes have been tried with this plugin. Some of the themes are Journal, Shoppica, Fastor, and Sellya. Following the extension's installation. The theme will add a new area where information will begin to appear. The default theme text color will be used by the addon. The module is completely functional.

If you're utilizing a website theme that was created expressly for you. Nonetheless, our module will function. The default theme color will be used for additional fields of information text. The size of the image or symbol will be reduced.

OpenCart 2.x , 3.x & 4.xVersions Are Supported

The OpenCart extra product info fields extension was developed for and tested on OpenCart versions 2.x , 3.x & 4.x modules up to version A cloud version was also tried. For testing, a unit test is utilized.

It employs OCMOD. There are no updates or replacements to the core files. All of the modifications will take effect at runtime thanks to xml. Installation is far too simple. Only a zip file must be uploaded. Refresh the modification. You've completed your task. This is intended to provide additional fields to the product page that are useful.

It is completely customizable, and you can use it to display numerous features vertically on your product page.

Assist In Increasing Sales By Increasing Product Trust

Customers will be more interested in learning more about the product and will likely add it to their basket if the information is shown below the product price. 

According to a study, the more valuable information about the product you present, the sale will improve drastically. There will be additional opportunities to engage your visitor with your goods. Because everyone takes the time to read the information on a product before deciding whether or not to buy it.

This module will assist you in doing so. It will give your website more credibility, and visitors will believe you are selling legitimate goods.


Got a pre-sale question or have questions about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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