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What is a POS System?

POS system allows you to keep track of sales and inventory with a physical system on the store and an application to manage your invoicing, billing & inventory.

Latest Release:

New Receipt Thermal Print 

Our latest release includes receipt print from Thermal Printer. Check out the design in our demo.


On Hold Feature

This new on hold feature is brought into the TMD POS system to make it more easy for POS users.

Now an user can put an order on hold just by clicking the HOLD button on screen when there is any discrepancies on real time POS billing.

And continue to bill for a new user on the queue until the discrepancy is resolved for old user.

Once the issue is resolved user can retrieve the Hold order back any time on screen by clicking on the hold orders button.

Clear Stock

The clear stock feature is used to cancel a running entry on screen.

This is beneficial for quickly refreshing the POS screen in case of any cancellation during real time on screen billing.

POS Forecast Report

TMD POS system has developed a POS Forecast report for all POS store owners.

This report is able to forecast the sales depending upon the previous data and entered date range on the number of quantity and items sold.

This is beneficial for all store manager to take decisions on inventory management.

The Forecast report will automatically display minimum stock required to accomplish the necessary stocks required for future.

So store manager can create a purchase requisition or directly place a purchase order to their vendors to replenish the items on store on time. 

The QR Code/Barcode Reader Integration with TMD POS Module

A QR is a quick response code reader that is easily read by a cell phone. The QR code works in the same way as a barcode that can instantly be read using your Smartphone camera. Every QR code consists of a number of black squares and dots which represent certain pieces of information.

TMD POS module allows you to scan QR codes for your products with a self attached inbuilt QR/ Barcode Reader.

So now it is possible to scan any item and your products on your store with your personal computer camera or mobile device cameras.

For mobile devices both front and back camera can be used to scan your products.

Now enjoy easy scanning features that allows you to go light on your extra hardware devices.

Refund Amount Display in Invoice

In recent release we have also added the display section for refund amount in terms of actual amount received from the customer with respect to bill amount.

If receipt amount is greater that bill amount, it will display the amount to be returned.

Connect Your Website with OpenCart POS Module to offline Store using the OpenCart Point of Sale System:

TMD POS system allows you to sell your products i.e enter orders from your physical store for walk-in customers without any signup and sync online with your OpenCart store.

The main advantage of creating an OpenCart POS Extension is to integrate both of your online and physical stores.

Most e-commerce businesses run their online and physical store separately, so maintaining a centralized sales, inventory and customer data is easy now with this module.

With the help of OpenCart POS System merchants will be able to manage their sales, inventory, and customer data centrally and can easily manage their day-to-day transactions irrespective of diverse physical stores spread across different locations.

Admin can create multiple users and assign a user to a specific retail outlet from where he or she can manage orders for walk-in customers at the physical store and check out easily without any signup and the orders are automatically synced to the online store.

Create Multiple Users/Sales Agents

A successful point of sales system not only records sales and orders from different locations but keep track of your sales agents and monitors the performance of sales location wise. It also keeps track of all users and sales agents and monitors sales record for each sales agent.

TMD POS System allows admin to 

  • Create multiple users and sales agents for various outlets

  • Assign Sales Agents and users  to a particular retail outlet and configure users to outlets

  • Easily enable or disable any user/sales agent or a location

  • Assign individual username, email, and password for respective sale agents.

OpenCart POS Users

It Enables Retail Outlet Using OpenCart POS Module

Scale your business easily with multiple retail outlets by using the OpenCart point of sales system without any extra expenditure.

- Create multiple retail outlet easily from POS Admin and set up your physical store any time

- Sell products both from Online Retail Stores as well as from any retail outlet point

- Create unlimited multiple outlets for the store and manage your outlet by creating POS sales agents

- The store owner can sell online store products easily from the retail outlet

- Any sales agent/user can log in the POS system assigned for a particular Retail Outlet

OpenCart POS Stores

This is however applicable in Advanced OpenCart POS Module where stock transfer option is required.

POS Product on Point of Sale OpenCart

The POS product is a separate section where you can see all items as per assigned location and admin can assign items to a specific location.

Admin can keep an item global if the item is to be displayed at multiple locations or more than one location.

Kindly note: Here assigning a product is specific to a single location only.

Add a Product/Item with special Stock In Feature

pos stock in

For bulk purchases TMD POS Module provides a unique STOCK IN feature for entering stock easily into your inventory.

And it enables store admin or inventory manager to add stock without any hassle.

Because this Stock In special features accepts a barcode scanning, so whenever you have large quantity of purchased inventory, it is easy for any user to just enter the items within the help of a product bar code.

However for this the product must already exist in your system and must contain that barcode.

So for all predefined items with barcode, this feature will provide you with an ease for entering inventory to a particular location where your user is defined.

So during scan if there is a new item, you have to add the product first and than you can process the transaction.

Release Inventory with Stock Out Special Feature

pos stock out

The Stock Out feature enable store admin to deduct stock from the inventory.

This is especially useful when you are shifting your stock from one location to another.

You can also use this Stock out feature to release stock which are associated with loss or damaged goods. 

This method is same as like Stock In feature where you can scan your items and update your transactions.

Inventory Barcode Mangement

Barcode is an essential part of any SKU item, manage all barcode for your stock items under inventory barcode section in our POS system. OpenCart POS system allows you to store manufacture barcode or create your own barcode. This ensures faster invoicing and billing on orders for your physical store for your all walk-in customers. If you are using a traditional POS system for your store, OpenCart POS system can completely replace your traditional POS bulky machine.

OpenCart POS Barcode

Product Search

Perform a quick search for adding a product to the POS system. There are various methods in which a sales agent is able to search for a product in the POS system to add to cart using the following methods:

- Easily navigate to folder categories and products with the help of a mouse click and add a product to cart

- Directly scan for a product in the scan area to instantly add to cart

- Directly enter the name of the product in the scan area to find a product and add to cart

- Search my Model No. in the scan area and add to cart

- Instantly add any product on screen if an item doesn't exist in the product master


OpenCart POS System

Hold the transaction for a Customer in the queue

Holding an order is preferably not welcome during a live transaction. However during a live transaction when the order is executing for large no. of items and there is some discrepancy (such as missing of a barcode for one item or rate is unknown) and you need some time to correct it, yes you temporarily hold your current entry by just saving the order status as pending and proceed to the next customer in queue. 

On saving the order is saved as pending rather than holding. However, you can easily navigate to the pending order from the left-hand pane and easily checkout as discrepancy for a hold transaction is resolved.

OpenCart POS Order Hold

- TMD OpenCart POS system allows a sales agent to hold an order for a customer in the queue by saving the order status as pending.

- The POS screen allows easy navigation on the left-hand side to quickly navigate to last order and perform a final checkout on issues resolved.

- Sale Agent can also filter order on the basis of order status or order number

Edit POS Bill OpenCart

POS Cart, Customer Management & Easy Payment Option

POS cart provides convenient ways to add end number products to the cart as well as change base price and quantity if required.

The sales agent can also add bill wise discount offer on the basis of percentage or fixed on demand.

Other additional services such as allowing  coupon code and vouchers are allowed during the payout 

During the payout process, the sale agent can also select the customer for the order or select guest customer for quick checkout.cuso

Sales agent can also enter the full detail of walk-in customer for customer database management

Payment can be done against cash, card or EFTPOS (Electronic Fund Transfer POS option)

OpenCart POS Management

Use a Custom Print Format for Invoicing/Orders

TMD POS system allows 2 types of print format/settings to generate a soft copy for your customers.

Admin can set both A4, A6 paper size setting for the standard POS order prints

Customize header and footer print option to add extra information as per your requirement such as VAT No. Company Reg. No. etc.

Print Barcodes 

Barcodes are essential for easy scanning of the items and accomplish a quick order processing.

OpenCart POS allows you to generate and print standard barcode for your items/product.

TMD OpenCart POS can also customize barcode requirement if required. 

Sales & Commission Reports

POS system provides some important reports to quickly view the financial aspects of your store

- Get a sales report on the basis of payment method viz, cash, card, and ETPOS, filter your daily monthly quarterly or yearly sales report on the basis of payment method filtration.

- Items specific total quantity sales report, for a period, on the basis of product id or model number or product name.

- Commission agent reports and earning as per sales agents


  • It does not connect with the cash drawer or card swapping machine.

  • OpenCart POS works with online OpenCart store, so it will not support offline customer data entry or invoicing.

For a more advanced OpenCart POS system we do have a separate custom module on OpenCart.

Leave us a query and we will customize your needs for multi-warehouse and warehouse based inventory & stock management and options for stock transfer between warehouses etc.

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