CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x)

CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x) CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x)

CCAvenue Payment Module opencart (2.x.x, 3.x.x & 4.x.x)

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Role of TMD CcAvenue Payment Module

TMD CcAvenue payment gateway is a connector between your OpenCart website and your CcAvenue merchant to process payment transfers. This fulfills a vital role in the e-commerce transaction process and authorizing the payment between merchant and customer.

CcAvenue Is India's favorite Payment Gateway

It enables the ecommerce website to complete the order by giving multiple payment options. It is one of the most used payment gateways in India. Its easy integration, user-friendly design, and real-time payment update system make it better than other payment gateways.  

TMD CcAvenue is proudly made in India. It is the only module that provides an E-commerce payment solution in India. This is the only module that supports OpenCart-based e-commerce Websites and it is used by 500+ stores in India to date.

A transaction using a Debit / Credit card / Banking/ e-wallet.

Maximus Websites using CcAvneue payment gateway.

Support all kinds of e-wallets and major banks.

Works well on mobile as well as on desktop.

Fewer transaction charges for websites.

Increasing revenue by getting more confirmed orders.

Customers can make payments using a domestic and international cards.

The best payment gateway for the Indian e-commerce website.

All Most All Payment Methods Supported By CcAvenue

If you are going to sell in India then, CcAvenue is the best option for your website. It supports the maximum payment methods present in the Indian market. Here are some payment methods and their features. Your customers can make payments easily.

  • Maximum payment options.
  •  6 Credit Cards, 58+ Net Banking, 98+ Debit Cards, 13 ATM Cards, 13 Prepaid Instruments, and 14 Bank EMI.
  • Multiple currency processing.
  • iFrame integration.
  • Smart dynamic routing.
  • Marketing tools available.

Easy To Integrate Into Website

We know how important is time for an e-commerce website owner. That's why we create a 5 min simple guide that can be followed easily.

  • 1. Copy all files to your root folder.
  • 2. Do not overwrite any master files.
  • 3. Easy Installation.
  • 4. Add a feature iframe option so now you can complete payment without leaving the store.
  • 5. Install the extension in the OpenCart admin panel Extensions → Payment → CcAvenue → Install
  • 6. Ensure the module is enabled.

After installation, you must enter the correct information to make the CCAvenue payment gateway work correctly. Read below for more information: "How to avoid a common problem and their solution" section.

Benefits of using OpenCart CcAvenue Extension

Scale your business easily by getting more orders. Customers can make an order using their most reliable payment option. Hence it will help you more money into your account. CcAvenue is the most trusted payment gateway, providing you with vast merchant payment analytic tools to collect information. It ultimately helps you to stand in competitive marketing.

  • Plug and play.
  • No delay in the payment transaction.
  • Marketing Tools: Features that complement your marketing efforts.
  • iFrame Integration: Redefined user experience.
  • Card Storage Vault: Your customers, your data.

How to avoid a common problem and their solution

When the information you submitted into the CCAvenue payment gateway admin section then it is not going to work as expected. Here is some common question we got. These are listed here. Read it all carefully. Please double-check your setting before making a support request.

  • 1. Please enter your Merchant ID, not your username or e-mail address!
  • 2. Enter a Working_Key for more secure transactions.
  • 3. You must activate Working_Key settings from the CcAvenue panel to use a redirect url.
  • 4. This will not affect any core file of OpenCart so you won't find any issues during updating OpenCart.
  • 5. Kindly note that take the backup of your database before running this module.


Got a pre-sale question or have support questions? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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