Notification/Information PopUp

Notification/Information PopUp

Notification/Information PopUp

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TMD OpenCart Notification & Information PopUp Extension

This extension is used to show the informative message on a popup display on the browser when your website is accessed by the user. This extension works perfectly on their mobile and desktop browsers.

By using the OpenCart notification popup module, the admin can add Messages with images that speak about their product's discount, special offers, and many more features about the store.

Admin can add a message, title, and small image in the message. Also, the color theme and delay time of the popup is present in the setting. There is an additional option like a selection of pages and dates.

Multiple notification creation is possible and display them one by one to a user. This module is compatible with multi-language.

opencart notification display on site

Setting Of Message Notification Popup

Admin can set up the notification from the module setting. To know more detail about the notification, the admin can set a link to the page, user can navigate to that page.

Title, description, and a link, an image section present, admin can set image/icon/SVG image can be displayed. Admin can decide on which date and where to show the notification on the page.

For better user experience, the popup can be displayed after some time and animation time of display. Timing can be managed from the module setting, this time will be used in the animation of the notification popup.

When multiple notifications are enabled and set on the same date, then the sort order will be used to display them accordingly.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Image
  4. Link
  5. Sort order
  1. Position
  2. Date
  3. Animation time (in seconds)
  4. Delay time(in seconds)
  5. Status

opencart notification main setting

Set Color Theme And Select The Layout To Display The Notification

OpenCart notification popup module comes with a color selection setting. Admin can change the color of notification as per the occasions to suit the best.

In the notification setting, a four colors selection is present. These colors are applied to the notification automatically. Those are background, title, description color, and a link text color.

  1. Background Color
  2. Title Color
  3. Description Color

  1. Link Text Color
  2. Layout
color setting for opencart notification popup module

OpenCart Notification Popup Extension Is Compatible With Multi-languages

This OpenCart notification/message popup extension is fully compatible with multiple languages. This module shows language tabs in the setting that is installed on the website the setting. Admin can enter the title and description of the notification into each language section.

When a customer changes their language on the website. Notification content also changes according to the selected language. Thus, targeting international customers and SEO will be easy for the website.

Supports OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.x Versions

TMD used OCMOD and VQMOD to create notification for OpenCart extension. It works perfectly on 2.3.x and 3.0.x versions of OpenCart.It is also tested up to the latest stable version.

It is used on the cloud version to give the best performance. Testing has been done using the unit test to give quality of work.

There will be no core file will alter after installation of the introduction message to visitors in OpenCart into your website. It virtually creates a file system and adds compatibility into files on runtime.

Your website files will remain the same and untouched after the installation of TMD OpenCart modules. The website will remain to function as before it does. It is easy to use right? Yeah!


If you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

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