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Supported OC Versions , , , , , , , , , , (Beta) , ,
VQMOD Required No

License details

License type Commercial
Support yes
Update yes

Quick Product is an Extension its helps store owners to edit their Products very quickly All changes of product will saved with AJAX, without refreshing page.

This is very helpful for your store because It save lot of time as no need to open each product and edit the values there.

* Selectable columns Options Available in the product list page, hide the rest
* Enable/Disable quick editing per column
* From columns link you can quickly edited Options which you want to show in product list
Filter products by:
-Product Name
* Direct links to store
* Quickly view products in Front of store
* Support Multi-Language
* Support Multi-Store
* Support All Version
* Fully AJAX based
* Free Support

Enjoy :)


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