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Age Verification Age Verification Age Verification Age Verification Age Verification Age Verification Age Verification Age Verification

Age Verification

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Overview of TMD OpenCart Age Verification Popup Module

This extension lets the admin create a popup to make sure only visitors above a certain age should access your website. It also has an age input box to make sure only desired people will able to explore the website. And restrict underage visitors.

Admin can adjust the color theme, write the text in multilanguage, redirect the user to another page, add logo and background image, etc. You can customise popups according to your requirements.

This extension has a custom CSS feature and is compatible with the latest version of OpenCart. It also works fine with most of the themes.

OpenCart age verification popup for visitor

Customize the Age Verification Popup

There are many setting that lets the admin update or customise the popup. You can update the color theme, select the popup design: circle, square, text size, and select a background image (height and width in px) accordingly. The logo will show in the top centre of the layout, write text, text color can also change etc.

It will help you match the popup with your brand and website theme. Here is a list of options that can be used to customize the verification popup.

  • Popup title and descriptions.
  • Popup design: Circle, Square.
  • Border color and width.
  • Background color.
  • Text color.
  • Redirect url color.
  • Background image and size.
  • Logo, and its size.
  • Error message.
  • Agree and decline button text.
  • Write your own CSS code.
  • Multi-language.

Admin control setting for OpenCart age verification popup

Input Box To Verify the Visitor's Age

When the popup displays, it contains an input box where visitors can enter their age. The OpenCart age verification popup extension will check the age and if the visitor is less than 18 then the module will restrict them from accessing the website.

But when visitors are older than 18, and they agree to use the website, only then they will be able to access the website.

Redirect Visitors to Another Page

It gives the setting to set the redirect page url for both older visitors and under-age visitors. It is a good start to explain to them why they can/can not access this website.

If the visitor wants to access the site for the first time you can send them to take consent from them before proceeding to the website. Rejected visitors can land on the explanation page about why they are restricted.

Write your own CSS to Modify the Age Verification Popup

If you like to change the style of the popup or want to change the entire popup, the admin can easily modify it by writing your own CSS in the custom CSS setting. This module has an option where the admin can write the CSS and it will automatically be added to the website at run time.

From colors, replacing elements, styling, adding shadows on the background, and changing the layout, almost everything can be done with CSS. It does not touch the theme files.

admin can enter css code in OpenCart age verification

Working Perfectly With Multi-Language

This age verification extension is 100% compatible with the multi-language. All the active languages will be shown in different tabs having their name and Country flag in the language setting. You can write the title, description, error message, and agree/reject buttons text, etc. in respective languages.

Admin can write all the text in multiple languages in the setting. When a visitor lands on the website, the popup will show in their preferred language.

Compatible With OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

This module is also created using OCMOD and VQMOD. It is working great with the OpenCart version 2x, 3x and 4x. It uses XML, On installation, it will not change any core files of the website. All the functionality will automatically be embedded into the website at the time of loading.

Our modules and themes are plug-and-play. The ease of installation and configuration makes it more suitable for all kinds of websites.


Check out our demo or write to us with any query you just have in your mind. Do you have pre-sale questions or support questions? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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Documentation is present in theme folder
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