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TMD OpenCart Simple Links Extension Overview

Simple Links module for your shopping cart can add your partner's links, sponsor's links. This module allows the store owner to add link boxes to the site pages.

It extends the limitation of the menu links present in OpenCart websites. Admin can create an unlimited set of page links like a menu and then show it on any page via layout setting.

Using this module, Admin can show a set of links on right, left, and other locations of the page. It is also multi-language compatible.

OpenCart simple link add in page using layout setting

Create Links And Show On Page Using Layout Setting

Go to Admin  simple link. Here admin will see a list set of links created before. Create a new set of links. Add the following Heading link of the set, it will show as heading text that represents its links.

Now add text of the link, page link where the customer will redirect, select the checkbox for opening the link on a new tab or not.

Admin adds unlimited links and removes old or unused links. It is as simple as creating menus. All the created sets of links will present in the layout section.

Edit any page or create a new page from the layout section. Their admin can see all the sets of links present by their heading. Select which links to show and where to show right, left, center on the page.

After selecting the layout, links will appear on that page after a refresh. Admin can enable and disable the links set in the setting.

  • Add unlimited links.
  • Show multiple links in single columns.
  • Multi-languages supports.

  • Link heading
  • Add page link
  • Open in new tab

creating set of links in OpenCart simple link module

Write Text In Multi-Language

OpenCart simple link module is compatible with multi-languages. Admin can enter heading and link text in multi-languages in OpenCart. If your website uses non-English language. Then the extension will show age verification content in the same languages. When customer change language on the front end, the module also show selected language product search result.

TMD always cares about customers and clients. That is why all modules and themes created multi-language compatibility. It works seamlessly with multi-languages.

Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

TMD made this module work on OpenCart versions 2.x and 3.x versions. A module can be easily installed via the upload module section in admin, on your website. Because this module uses OCMOD. Which does not overwrite core files. It also works with could-based online websites.


Check out our demo or write to us for any query you just have in your mind. Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support. Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.


* Upload all file in your root
* change database prefix in the SQL file
* then install SQL file in your database
* After copying all the files related to the module Go to Admin Panel then Go to System->Users->Users Groups select edit option of Top Administration select files in Access Permission which you are copying as well as in Modify Permission.

* Go to the Extension Installer option in the menu
* Upload .ocmod files.
* Go to Modifications menu
* Here you see your file name
* refresh page from refresh button that presents on top
* Go System-> Simple Link-> Insert.
* Enter your Name -> click Simple Link Button from here you can add Link Heading and add a link.

* Open New Window in have a checkbox if you will check it then in front your link will open in a new window. Save it
* Go to Extensions-> install Simple Link :: TMD module-> Edit.
* Select your Simple Link: set Layout, Position, Status, and Sort Order. Save.
See output on Front Side.

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