Advance Product Option Pro

Advance Product Option Pro

Advance Product Option Pro

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Overview Of TMD OpenCart Product Option Module

It lets the admin show more information about an option on the product page. This module adds a new section to the OpenCart website where the admin can enter product option-related information. Admin can display Model, SKU, UPC, EAN, and images of options on the product page and cart page as well.

From the customer's perspective, It provides a clear view of the product and customers will make the order choice easily. The setting of the module is quite easy. Just enable those things which you want to display.

It was created to support multi-language. And the layout is perfect on the product page.

Features of OpenCart Product Option Pro Extension

OpenCart Product option pro module comes with a lot of features. Admin can select the information that is required to show on the product page. It creates a section on the product editing page. Where admin can add SKU, Model, Image, UPC, EAN, and description can be entered.

All settings of the module are fully managed by the admin. This extension uses the current activated theme to show details on the product and cart page.

  • UPC.
  • Model.
  • Image.
  • UPC.
  • EAN.
  • Description.

Important Things You Can Do

  • Add option Info various styles.
  • All Settings Manage From Admin Panel.
  • Multi-Language.
  • Journal and other themes supported.

How Option Related Data Be Displayed?

Admin can easily enable and disable the fields from the setting. There is a separate setting for the product page and cart page. Enabling fields on the product page does not reflect on the cart page and the same goes with the cart page setting.

There are Three layouts where option-related information can be displayed. Those are Button Popup, Option name with Popup, and option Name With tooltip. Add option Info Style (on hover). All Settings Manage From Admin Panel

There is an additional status setting present. It is used to enable the module or disable the entire module. When the admin changes the status to disable, the module will automatically hide fields on the product and Cart page.

  • Button popup.
  • Option name with a popup.
  • Option name with a tooltip.
  • Add SKU, EAN, Model, and Images in the product options section.

opencart product option pro moduel setting from admin

Display On Front End

All the information is shown with the option name to make it clear that it is part of the option. It takes less than 2 min to get the module ready to use and display option-related information on the product page. Yup! This module automatically appends option-related data entered by the admin.

  • Admin Setting :
  • This extension applies to the selected option type. That is select, radio, checkbox. When the admin uses one of those or all for a product as an option. On the product options section, the admin can enter SKU, EAN, and other related data along with default fields.

  • All Themes support:
  • The module is well-tested on various themes present in the market. Also tested on well-known themes like Journal, Porto, Shoppica, Fastor, Sellya, and others themes. It uses OCMOD for installation. Hence no default files will be changed.

    It is accessible for all OpenCart themes.

opencart option pro modules shows option related data on product page

Multi-Language Compatible

TMD cares about its customers clients and its business. That's why our all modules and themes support multi-languages. All the languages installed by the admin will be displayed in the language tab.

Customers and users can change languages to read the content in their language. Admin can enter detail on all the languages that are installed.

Supports OpenCart 2.x And 3.x Versions

This module uses OCMOD. Which does not overwrite OpenCart core files. OpenCart product label module also works with could online.

Our all modules, extensions, and themes are plug-and-play. It also supports the latest version 3x. While installing the module do not overwrite any default OpenCart core files. All default functionality will remain untouched.


Got pre-sale questions or have questions about support? Please create a ticket. We will help you to get it working.

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