Advance Product Option Pro

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Supported OC Versions , , , , , , , ,
VQMOD Required No

License details

License type NO -DATA
Support yes
Update yes


* Add images to product options.
* Add Model/SKU/UPC/EAN for each Option Per Product
* Show Model/SKU/UPC/EAN/Description/Image on Product Page
* Show Model/SKU/UPC/EAN/Image On Checkout Page
* Add option Info Style:(Button Popup, Option name with Popup, Option Name With tooltip On Hover)
* All Settings Manage From Admin Panel
* Multi-Language
Journal Theme Supported

Support Multi Languages
OpenCart Advance Product Option Pro Module is compatible with multi language. Installation new language on your website.
Customer will see changed language when they change languages from the language selection menu. It will work all languages pack available in OpenCart marketplace.

Works In OpenCart Version 2.x and 3.x
TMD OpenCart Advance Product Option Pro extension can be used from version 2.x. It also supports the latest version 3.x. While installing module does not overwrite any default OpenCart core files. All default functionality will remain untouched.
Module works stand alone.


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