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TMD OpenCart Newsletter Extension

Customers and website visitors provide email addresses to newsletter modules. The administrator can then send a newsletter to subscribers directly from the website. It is utilized to acquire and collect subscribers who are occasionally interested in your product, offers, and services.

TMD's OpenCart email newsletter module works in a similar way to help your online business get more subscribers. Customers will be able to sign up for the newsletter without having to create an account. Consider the features of TMD's OpenCart mailing module.

Recent Updates:

a) Import Export Option added: Now admin can export or import all subscriber's email addresses.

b) Checkbox provided: A subscriber must first check the box to subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribers must select the box to indicate that they want to get the most recent news and articles from your shop.

What Can You Do With The OpenCart Newsletter Module

A subscriber to the e-newsletter The Opencart plugin has extensive functionality such as generating a subscriber list, creating as many newsletter templates as you want to send, sending emails quickly, and more.

Sending a newsletter is a crucial aspect of any website growth. Because it allows customers to interact with your website. Also, imprint your company's name on their minds. These features are included in our module.

When a visitor arrives at your website, an OpenCart popup newsletter subscription form appears. In the popup newsletter box, visitors can input their email addresses. The exit newsletter popup module is another name for it.

  • Pop-up form for newsletter subscription
  • Verify email
  • Shortcode for an email template.
  • Fully manageable from the admin
  • Send newsletter
  • Export email list and send a newsletter
  • Show a newsletter form in a popup or in the footer.
  • Multi-language newsletter template.
  • Send a verified confirmation email.
  • Add an email subscription box to the bottom of any page.
  • To complement your theme, add your unique CSS.
  • Analytical tracking
  • Support Journal theme
  • Have the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter

opencart newsletter module template list

Get Complete Control Newsletter Email Collection Form

The email collecting funnel's heart is the newsletter form. The administrator can place the newsletter from anywhere on the website. It can display a subscription form in the footer. The OpenCart newsletter module assists websites in expanding their email lists. Here are a few locations where you may create an email newsletter sign-up form.

You can choose who may view the newsletter form in the settings. Both registered clients and visitors will see it and will be able to subscribe to the newsletter. In the footer, display OpenCart newsletter subscribers.

Admins may use the Opencart popup newsletter module to generate and configure popups using various components. The administrator can alter the background color, picture, email form, and button wording, among other things.

  • Make an attractive popup newsletter signup form.
  • Assign an Email Collection Form to all or a subset of pages.
  • Match your website's theme using custom CSS.
  • Demonstrate what is required for your website and in accordance with your SEO to the marketing plan.
  • Font Awesome included.
  • Assign an email collection to the Footer of the page.

opencart newsletter module popup setting

Create An Unlimited Number Of Newsletter Templates And Send Them To Your Subscribers Directly From The Admin Panel

It might be costly to send an email newsletter. if you're paying for a service, on the other hand, admins can send emails to their subscribers using the newsletter opencart plugin. With the OpenCart newsletter extension, the admin can build an endless number of newsletter templates. Html or plain text can be used to construct these templates. Create the most effective template for increasing website visitors.

The newsletter tab will display all of the newsletter templates you've produced. The admin may change or remove them. The admin must choose a newsletter template before delivering the newsletter.

The OpenCart newsletter module includes a default unsubscribe link in the newsletter to comply with GDPR regulations.

  • Make an infinite number of newsletter templates.
  • In the newsletter template, use HTML or plain text.
  • The newsletter is sent with a simple click.
  • To make the procedure go faster, use 9 email shortcodes.
  • Link to unsubscribe newsletter automatically included.

opencart newsletter module email sending setting

Collect Only Real Email - Verify Email

Email newsletters are only successful when websites have a genuine email list. That's why TMD added a verify email feature in the OpenCart popup newsletter subscribe module for the collection of genuine visitor emails. It will keep bots and other undesirable people off the email list.

Admins can customize the visitor verification email template by adding their own wording. It also offers a feature to send a thank you email when a visitor or customer's email address is validated.

A column in the email list indicates whether or not the email has been validated. It allows the administrator to verify their email collection and adjust their settings accordingly.

  • Enable email verification.
  • Get Account type - Visitor | Customer.

Compatible With Several Languages

TMD values its clients and customers. As a result, they make all of their modules and themes multilingual. The language on your website is not English.

The administrator can produce a newsletter in one of the languages supported by their website. Templates, on the other hand, enable you to insert text in any of the languages that your website now supports.

When sending a newsletter, the OpenCart newsletter extension will automatically identify the visitor's language and send a newsletter template in that language. The text in the sent newsletter template will only be in the visitor's chosen language from the front end.

the Module will automatically choose the primary language for the specified newsletter template, and the transmitted newsletter template will only contain primary language text.

Easy To Manage Email List

The newsletter's email list is managed by the administrator. Admin can manually remove or alter any email. The email list contains all of the email lists. Admin can delete individual emails or bulk delete many emails at once.

Email export and import allow admin work to be easily exported into CSV format. They may then utilize this list anywhere they want. CSV files may be opened with any text editor, Microsoft Office, or Open Office software. Admin may not only delete or download emails with the OpenCart newsletter extension but also add a new email to the list as a new subscriber.

  • Export email.
  • Account type - Visitor| Customer.
  • Email verified or unverified.
  • Date of subscription.
  • Can send an email to the individual.

opencart newsletter module email export list

Supports OpenCart 1.5.x 2.x , 3.x & 4.x versions

TMD created this module specifically for OpenCart versions 2.x , 3.x & 4.x. The module may be easily added to your website using the upload module area in the admin. Because OCMOD is used in this module. This prevents OpenCart core files from being overwritten.

Your website is unaffected. After installing the TMD module, everything of your work will be functional.

It also works with the 1.5.x version. If your website is operating on an older version, you should utilize it. The OpenCart 3 newsletter plugin is ready to use. You may use it straight immediately after installing it. Collect email addresses from your website to increase your subscriber base. It not only saves you money, but also allows you to employ a sophisticated newsletter with data on clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and other metrics.


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